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WBC announces delivery of belt to heroes against COVID-19

WBC announces delivery of belt to heroes against COVID-19

The president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Mauricio Sulaimán, confirmed that the institution will deliver to Mexican heroes in the fight against COVID-19 belts like those it delivers to world champions.

«We decided to dedicate it to Mexican heroes who have shown their humanism. Many have risked or lost their lives in the process of helping others, “said Sulaimán.

The WBC opened a call for anyone in the country to propose people with an outstanding attitude to prevent deaths or cure COVID patients, of which one will be chosen for each of the 32 states of the country to deliver the belt made by two sisters of the Mazahua-Otomí community.

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The green and gold sash was going to be presented to the winner of the fight between the Mexican Saúl Álvarez and the British Billy Joe Saunders, suspended due to the pandemic. The Council made 32 replicas and will deliver them to an equal number of what it considered heroes of humanity.

According to Sulaimán, in each state, in addition to giving the belt to those who are winners in each state, another 10 people with outstanding performance against the coronavirus will receive medals.

“There are many, many heroes doing many extraordinary tasks for the benefit of society; whether they are doctors, scientists, nurses, orderlies, paramedics, policemen, who go out to distribute pantries. That is why we decided that the belt is the concept of gratitude towards those who give something for Mexico in this health, emotional and economic crisis, “said Sulaimán.

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Candidate proposals will run until July 8, after which a commission appointed by the WBC will select the winner in each entity.

The belt, baptized as Adolfo López Mateos, manufactured with motifs of pre-Hispanic cultures, was born in 2017 to be delivered in the fights of May 5 and September 16 and will be delivered again in the event that the pandemic allows the performance of a function in September.

Sulaimán praised the dedication of sisters Lilia and Angélica Reyes, from the Mazahua community, who dedicated 250 hours to assembling the belt, a work of art with a complicated manufacturing process. EFE (HN)

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