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“We have to win yes or yes,” says “Kun” Agüero

“We have to win yes or yes,” says “Kun” Agüero

Barcelona forward Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero assured that “we have to win yes or yes”, on the eve of the duel against Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League, where the Barça team has lost two in two games.

«Clearly, we have to win yes or yes. Obviously, if we don’t win we are almost out, “said Agüero, at the press conference prior to the match to be played at the Camp Nou.

Barça is the red lantern of group E, led by Bayern Munich and cannot afford any more setbacks after losing to the Germans and the Portuguese Benfica.

But, after Sunday’s league victory against Valencia, Agüero considered that “we are confident. Sunday was a nice game to be well tomorrow and with the help of the people, he will push us to add those three points we need.

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The Argentine international, who arrived as a free agent in the summer, was able to make his debut in the Barça shirt in the victory against Valencia, where he played the last minutes after overcoming his right calf injury.

«He always touched me on the other side, I have played against Barça and the stadium imposes a lot. Now that I’m on this side, I’m enjoying it. I did not expect that reception from the fans, now I still have to show on the court that affection that they gave me, “said Agüero.

The Argentine forward could have a few more minutes on Wednesday against Dinamo Kiev, although he did not specify if he is in a position to start.

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«It is a decision of the technician. The position is won by being physically well and obviously doing things well in the game, “he said.

“The important thing is to be able to help, and if I have a few minutes, give my best,” said Kun.

Agüero, who preferred not to say what he thinks about the possibility of a World Cup every two years, also affirmed that Messi’s departure from Barça is already past.

«It is already a matter of the past, obviously at that moment it came as a surprise to all of us. I prefer now to think from now on and he looks pretty good, he’s enjoying himself and as a friend what I want is for him to be able to enjoy himself, and to enjoy football as he always did, “he concluded. AFP (HN)

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