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Wenger suggests ‘automatic’ offside detection in World Cup-2022

Wenger suggests ‘automatic’ offside detection in World Cup-2022

The offside could be signaled “automatically in 2022”, at the Qatar World Cup, Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s director of world football development, dropped, without revealing the modalities of this technological advance.

“There are many chances for the offside to be automatic in 2022,” said the former Arsenal manager in a meeting with the press on Tuesday in Paris.

“I am obliged to keep it secret, but this will be the next big breakthrough in arbitration,” explained the Frenchman.

While offside decisions are made with the help of the VAR, with referees standing in front of monitors, Wenger suggests that soccer can advance the use of technology to resolve contentious situations.

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This change was already on the agenda of FIFA, which announced in June 2020 that it sought to “develop a semi-automatic technology to signal offside, to give the VAR more information that will simplify the referee’s decision-making and optimize the analysis of the images”.

The schedule for this project should therefore be sped up for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (November 21-December 18). AFP (HN)

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