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What if McGregor made an illegal punch in the Mayweather fight?

What if McGregor made an illegal punch in the Mayweather fight?

The curiosity generated by the confrontation between Floyd Mayweather, world boxing champion, and Conor McGregor, the UFC’s top star, allows us to speculate on a possible abnormal event on the ring.

The usual question among fans is what would happen if the Irishman lost his temper and made an illegal hit or take to beat the American.

The person who responded to that question was Dana White, president of the UFC and friend of McGregor. “Conor would be incredibly sued if he did anything other than hit Floyd’s body and head with his hands. It would be too bad for him. That can’t happen, ”explained the businessman.

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The American could not give an exact figure of how much the mixed martial arts fighter should pay, although he did give an estimate: “You can include the money that Mayweather has made in his last three fights and the penalty for McGregor would be higher.”

As he explained, this type of situation is contemplated in the contract, but the boxer who never lost in 49 presentations could take the case to court and squeeze even more his opponent: “Mayweather would sue Conor and win that lawsuit. It can’t happen, not at all. Conor is a bit wild, but he loves money just like Floyd. The lawsuit would be incredible and destroy Conor’s life. Mayweather would win that lawsuit.

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Therefore, an illegal hit, either with any part of the leather other than the cuffs, would destroy the Irishman’s career and leave Mayweather sitting on a mountain of money. Therefore, McGregor must be careful not to make any mistakes by sticking to the rules of boxing. (Infobae)

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