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What is happening to the Dodgers?

What is happening to the Dodgers?

The Dodgers will return to Los Angeles, to play as a visitor starting Friday against the Angels, with the heavy slab of having been swept in Chicago by the Cubs, which they have lost 13 of their last 17 meetings.

“We’re frustrated,” explained player Max Muncy. We are definitely much better than this. Point”.

And they are frustrated because they have not been able to have a balance between batting, starting pitching, relief pitching and defense, and since they do not have a balance, the losses are falling to them like a waterfall and, although at this moment they are still close to the leader of the peloton (San Francisco), not getting out of this pothole could soon turn into a panic situation.

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“Urgency is certainly different from panic,” explained Dave Roberts, the team’s manager. “We expect more from ourselves, there is definitely a sense of urgency.” What has happened to them in their last 17 games?

Here are some statistics that show what has happened:

They hit .208 (third worst in MLB)

Although they have scored 69 runs, their arms have allowed 73 touchdowns

They have only 7 holds

They have made 10 mistakes

They have struck out 171 times

Record of their openers: 4-5

The pitching sees that his starters are 4-5, showing that there they have suffered from solidity with the starting arms, and the bullpen has ‘lost’ 8 games: their mark is 0-8.

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Going 4-13 in recent games is the second worst in the majors, behind only the Detroit Tigers (the worst team in MLB), and on top of that, in extrainnings they now have a 1-6 record.

These have been the results of the team’s series in these 17 games:

In San Diego: 0-1

In Seattle: 1-1

vs San Diego: 1-3

vs Cincinnati: 1-2

At Milwaukee: 1-3

In Chicago: 0-3

Total: 4-13

“The little things is that we are not finishing executing the way we are capable,” explained manager Dave Roberts. “I’m going to sound very repetitive but we need to do a better job.” (GG) (

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