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“What Rafa does no one does on land,” admits Federer

“What Rafa does no one does on land,” admits Federer

Roger Federer recognized the superiority of Rafa Nadal in his semifinal at Roland Garros (6-3, 6-4, 6-2) and pointed out that the Spanish is the best player on clay because his game on that surface reaches a level that nobody reaches.

«What Rafa does, nobody does on land. It makes you uncomfortable because of the way he defends himself on the court and how he plays. There is no one who can play remotely like him on the ground, “Federer acknowledged in his press conference.

«I don’t even know who I have to train with that I can play like him. It’s something I was thinking about during the game, “he said with a smile.

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Federer returned in this edition to Roland Garros after four years without playing in the tournament. Reaching the semifinals and the feelings he experienced in previous games make him optimistic.

«I think it was a great tournament for me, I really enjoyed it. People have been supporting me, it couldn’t have been better, “he said.

«I think I have played really well here. I have surprised myself how far I have been able to go in the tournament and how I have been able to play, “he explained.

Federer, yes, did not feel in a position to confirm his participation next year.

«For next year, as with any other tournament, I don’t know. We will see what happens. But I have enjoyed playing in the clay court season and at Roland Garros, so that would add options to return eventually, “he said. AFP

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