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White Sox legend Frank Thomas in awe of young prospect

White Sox legend Frank Thomas in awe of young prospect

Chicago White Sox legend and Hall of Famer Frank Thomas highly praised rookie Major League Baseball (MLB) sensation Luis Robert for his full potential on the field of play.

It was revealed that Frank Thomas in the offseason met with Tony La Russa, manager of the Chicago White Sox and made it clear that Luis Robert was a player with many tools in MLB baseball and that he is just going to his second season.

“Have you heard of the Five Tool Players? Luis (Robert) is a six-tool player, ”said Frank Thomas.

Luis Robert arrived to set standards in the White Sox, there are high hopes and now with Tony Larusa as manager, he will have better expectations.

Here the report:

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In his first year in MLB, Luis Robert showed so many important things with the Chicago White Sox, which is why Hall of Famer Frank Thomas did not hesitate to “deify” him so greatly.

Both Tony La Russa and Frank Thomas, Cuban Luis Robert is impressed by everything he offers on the field of play for the Chicago White Sox with such a young age and surely in this 2021 season of MLB he will be one of the key players of the organization.

23 years and a season with the Chicago White Sox in the MLB are the records of Luis Robert who have praising his manager La Russa and a legend of this organization such as Frank Thomas. (Fielding) (GG)

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