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Williams opens advanced engineering center at headquarters

Williams opens advanced engineering center at headquarters

The website reports that the Williams team has set up an advanced engineering center at the same location as the headquarters of the Williams Martini Racing Formula 1 team, in Grove, Oxfordshire (UK), where They have invested 10 million euros, and that will be dedicated to R&D.
Williams Advanced Engineering will carry out its work in a 3,800 square meter center that has capacity for 250 engineers whose objective is the use of Formula 1 technologies in other sectors.
F1The new building has a workshop on the ground floor inspired by Formula 1, which can be used in one-off projects or in low-volume production.

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It also has confidential rooms in which projects can be worked on in absolute secrecy, a matter of vital importance given the nature of Williams Advanced Engineering clients.
Williams Advanced Engineering’s goal is simple: to use technology, know-how and rapid development of honed skills in Formula 1 to deliver energy solutions for the automotive, transportation and service industries.
The company specializes in delivering energy efficient performance for its customers and does so in four key areas: hybrid electric and electronic systems, dynamics, advanced lightweight materials, and state-of-the-art aerodynamics.
This expertise in energy efficient technologies began with the hybridization of Formula One cars in 2009, with Williams becoming the only team to develop its hybrid technologies entirely in-house.
Despite the opening of the new building, Williams Advanced Engineering has been in business since 2011. Its first project was the Jaguar C-X75, one of the most sophisticated hybrid supercars ever developed.
The company is also collaborating with Nissan on its high-performance Nismo products, and is the sole supplier of the batteries that will power the cars competing in Formula E, the world’s first electric car championship.
The firm is expanding its operations in the energy sector and is currently working on a project to install Formula One energy storage technology in a project developed on Scotland’s power grids in a project supported by the UK Government Department for Energy and Climate Change.
The center was inaugurated this week by British Prime Minister David Cameron in a ceremony accompanied by Williams team manager Sir Frank Williams; Group CEO Mike O’Driscoll and Williams Advanced Engineering CEO Craig Wilson.

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