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Woman claims Bauer caused pain and fear

Woman claims Bauer caused pain and fear

A woman who has requested a restraining order against Trevor Bauer testified Tuesday that she was horrified by the bruising and pain she suffered a day after a sexual encounter with the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher.

The 27-year-old woman says that, in that encounter, the athlete strangled her until she was unconscious and assaulted her with his fists.

In testifying, the complainant said that she had sent Bauer a photo of herself after she returned home to San Diego.

“I couldn’t believe what my face looked like,” the woman said on the second day her attorney asked her questions in Los Angeles Superior Court. “I wanted him to know what he had done to me.”

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Bauer, who has said through his representatives that everything that happened between him and the woman was absolutely consensual, then responded in a text message: “Hell, girl! You are well?”.

The woman said she was simply as scared by the social consequences of what had happened as she was by the physical ones. So in the beginning, he decided not to tell anyone.

“I knew how this was going to evolve,” he testified. “That situation painted me as a bitch. I did not want the story to be known anywhere, “he recalled.

But a visit to her best friend, who was “mortified” by the way she looked, convinced her to seek medical help. He ended up in a hospital emergency room, he said.

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This led to the visit of a social worker, her parents and the police, who are still investigating, three months later.

Bauer’s attorney, Shawn Holley, also asked the woman questions Tuesday. The hearings would last all week and would include testimony from the player.

With her first questions, Holley suggested that the statement of the woman seeking the warrant contained many lies by omission.

On Monday, during their first approaches, Holley said the woman gave Bauer every indication that she consented to the treatment she received during the two nights they spent together in April and May at the pitcher’s home in Pasadena.

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Bauer, 30, was suspended with pay on July 2 by the Major League Baseball office. The measure lasted until Friday.

Older women have reported doing their own research. Bauer could face punishment under the baseball policy on domestic violence. (AFP)

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