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World champion Monserrat Alarcón says she is interested in the straw belt

World champion Monserrat Alarcón says she is interested in the straw belt
The Mexican Monserrat Alarcón, fly champion of the World Organization of Boxing (WBO) said today that she is interested in the strawweight title, but for now is concentrating on returning to training after sustaining an injury last month.
“Yes, I am interested in winning the straw division belt, it would not cost me to lose weight,” said the monarch at a press conference in Mexico City.
Alarcón, 22, defeated the Japanese Nana Yoshikawa on April 29 and won her first world title, but in the fight she received a head butt and suffered a wound near the eye that required six stitches.
“The doctor told me to rest for two months, there is still inflammation and it hurts if it touched me, but I hope to return well and remain a world champion for a long time,” said the fighter after receiving the belt from the WBO.
Monserrat is considered one of the most promising figures of the boxing of women in Mexico.
Despite her short stature, she has great technique and a devastating punch, in addition to the fact that, according to her coach Agustín Vázquez told Efe, she is a pugilist dedicated to training and that will always count in her favor.
Towards the end of the year, the fighter must celebrate a mandatory fight, probably against her compatriot Arely Muciño, number one in the classification, but her promoter, Héctor García, spoke of the possibility of organizing an optional fight earlier.
“No boxer can speak in advance and I don’t know if I will beat Muciño, I just beat Nana Yoshikawa in her country, who is not just any boxer and I trust to defend the belt many times,” he said.
Although she has an elegant style, against Yoshikawa the Mexican changed her fighting style with blows to the face to take advantage of the little defense of the Asian who received punishment from the first round.
“Reaching world champion is difficult, but it will be more difficult to stay and I must prepare better,” he said. EFE
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