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Yadier Molina seeks to buy baseball equipment in Puerto Rico

Yadier Molina seeks to buy baseball equipment in Puerto Rico

Historic Major League Baseball – MLB catcher Yadier Molina might be interested in buying a baseball team in his native Puerto Rico, specifically the Carolina Giants.

Yadier Molina, in the beginning he played in the Puerto Rico League with the Carolina Giants and now, going through what could be his last year as a professional baseball player in the MLB, he would seek to invest in his country by buying the team to which he continues to belong in the professional ball of his native land.

Multiple sources have reported and rumors have been felt around Molina, who apparently wants to continue to be linked to baseball after hanging up the spikes and what better than in Puerto Rican baseball and with his usual team, the Carolina Giants, with whom he has played about five seasons of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League.

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Thinking in the future
As is known, Molina in 2021 announced that the 2022 season will be his last in the Major Leagues, so continuing to be linked to baseball will be what this historic player will want, which is why he would seek to invest in Puerto Rican baseball with his Giants.

How much money do you have?

We do not know exactly how much it could cost “El Yadi” to buy the Carolina Giants, but what is clear is that the Puerto Rican has enough dollars to make this type of investment, remembering that his brilliant career in the MLB it has allowed him to earn at least $ 165 million since his debut in 2004. So, Molina has two fundamental things to invest in Puerto Rico baseball: Those are, money and love for baseball.

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In addition, it is good to remember that a while ago, Molina bought a basketball team in Puerto Rico (Vaqueros de Bayamón) and now he is going for baseball. (Fielding)

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