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Yankees add left-hander Joey Gallo in exchange for prospects

Yankees add left-hander Joey Gallo in exchange for prospects

The New York Yankees acquired the services of outfielder Joey Gallo in exchange for four MLB prospects.

According to Jeff PAssan, the New York Yankees are working on a trade that sends pitcher Glen Otto, outfielder Ezequiel Durán, shortstop Josh Smith and second baseman Trevor Hauver to the Texas Rangers in exchange for Joey Gallo and league pitcher. minors, John King.

However, it is said that the change is almost done, but that they are still making some adjustments.

Joey Gallo is not just any player, he is once an all-star and a golden glove, he is not a player with much offense, as he has never hit more than .253 this season, however, he has one of the best arms in the league. Major League Baseball and perhaps it is among the five that hit the ball hardest and furthest.

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This season he has 79 strikeouts with 25 homers, 55 RBIs, 74 BBs and 6 stolen bases. Nothing fancy compared to others who haven’t been all-star in MLB yet.


Gallo is under control during the 2021 and 2022 season, being an unrestricted free agent prior to the 2023 season with an average salary between $ 6-7 million. 27-year-old Joey Gallo is 6’5 tall at 230 pounds, has had 7 MLB seasons and counting. (Fielding)

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